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Sunday Service Announcement 8th October 2017
1.Sunday school Programme for the 15th October, 2017, is “BE AN ACTIVE CHRISTIAN”

2.Daily morning prayers take place every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday by 6:00am. Tomorrow’s Victory Hour’s Topic is: FEAR THOU NOT!

3. Lunch Hour Fellowship comes up this Wednesday; by 12Noon in the Main Auditorium.

4.The RCCG, Project Partner One-Time Annual Pledge (is now known as: “Provincial Partners Project”) payments can be made into this Bank Account: Access Bank, Account Number: 0026546582, Acct. Name: RCCG VICTORY HOUSE.

5.Single Sisters Whatsapp Group – 08096742631, 08060548225, 08062347743

6.The last Pages of Praise CDs and DVDs are available for purchase. Please kindly request your copy from the Ushers or at the Audio-Visual Stand outside after the Service. Don’t miss out of the Praise!

7.The Elders Fellowship Meeting with Bro. Oshin comes up tomorrow, Monday, 9th October, 2017. All Elders in the House should endeavour to attend and come expectantly. The Lord will visit you mightily in Jesus name.

8.The Women of Grace should be reminded of their meeting which comes up every 2nd and 4th Monday of the Month by 6pm Prompt. Please endeavour to come tomorrow and you will be richly blessed as you attend in Jesus name.

9.The Pregnant Women and those trusting God for the fruit of the womb’s Fellowship hold every Wednesday, from 6-7pm at the Victory House Teens’ Church (The Potter’s House).

10.All those that collected the CRFI (Christ the Redeemer Friends International) forms should kindly return the completed forms to the Parish Secretary today.
11.The Welfare Department will have both Food and Clothing Fair immediately after the Service at the Welfare Stand.

12.Intending Couples Class has started already. All intending couples should see the Parish Administrator’s Secretary in the Parish Office immediately after the service to join the Intending Couples Class.

13.If you are a Tither kindly ensure you collect a Tithe Card from the Ushers with Tithe Number. If you are doing a transfer into out Tithe Account, kindly indicate your Tithe Number and the letter ‘T’ to indicate its Tithe. You may see the Parish Accountant for the Tithe Account Number. God bless you!

14.House Fellowship will hold today, from 6:00 – 7:00pm at various centres. Kindly locate the House Fellowship Centre nearest to you in the Bulletin and endeavor to attend.

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