TEXT:              Revelation 3: 7-8; 3: 20; Acts 16: 12-15

  1. And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is HOLY, he that is TRUE, he that HATH THE KEY OF DAVID, HE THAT OPENETH, and no man shutteth; and SHUTTETH, and no man openeth;
  2. I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.


In the past two episodes we saw that the Lord Jesus is Holy, True, Faithful and the Only Door to Eternal Salvation.

In this episode we want to see how Jesus opens our hearts and eyes to rich eternal treasures not open to physical senses.

  • God opens people’s hearts with His Word if they will listen to it and be receptive to it when it’s preached to them. Acts 16:13-14; Rom. 10:13-14
  • Lydia’s heart was opened by God because her mind was open and she yielded to God’s Word spoken to her.
  • Lydia’s heart was opened because she had an open mind. A closed mind will birth a close or hardened heart!
  • The received Word of God will have a beneficial effect in our lives. Mk. 16:15-18
  • The rejected Word of God will even hurt us in the end. Acts 13:6-12
  • We all have a will of our own – we can choose to close the door of our heart or open it. Acts 14:8-10
  • The mind is the door to the heart. When the mind is closed the heart won’t believe God’s Truths. 2Corin. 4:4; 3:14-15


Familiarity will hinder a person from receiving the best of God through His messengers. Matt. 10:40-41

  • The same sun that melts the wax hardens the clay! The same Gospel that blesses receivers will offend doubters/despisers!
  • The same Gospel that will open people’s hearts will shut others because of close mindedness.
  • Highly indoctrinated people if not careful will find it difficult to open up to new revelations from God.
  • Jesus will always knock and open if we permit Him. But we also have a responsibility to receive Him. Rev. 3:20
  • Be focused on the Lord/ Word always and refuse to be distracted by men or circumstances. Offences will come but refuse to be offended! Luke 17:1
  • Frequent rebuffing of the advances of the Lord leads to hardening of the heart. . Rom. 1:28; 1Tim. 4:1-2
  • Lydia attended to God’s Word! Acts 16:14
  • The word “ATTENDED” means to heed, listen, hear, heed or receive.
  • Lydia heard>listened>heeded/received>acted on or obeyed the Word.
  • She put everything else aside and made God’s Word utmost priority!
  • Paying undivided attention to God’s Word yields results always.
  • God’s Word is a sealed book to many people therefore they read and don’t understand.
  • The apostles were blinded to the resurrection initially. Luke 24:9-11,16,25-31
  • Many look physically but not all see spiritually.
  • Only the Living Word can unveil the written Word. Psalm 119:18
  • Walking closely with Jesus in close fellowship makes Him reveal Himself to you.
  • No wise man reveals his secrets to strangers!
  • Walking closely with Jesus and asking Him to reveal His truths to one makes one see like never before!
  • Once the Bible is open to you, it satisfies like no other.
  • Yokes drop off easily when you reach this stage of fellowship. Not even Satan or Demons can stand this level of light via fellowship.
  • Knowing Jesus and not about Him becomes easier once the eyes of our understanding is enlightened. Ephesians 1:17-18
  • Praying to the Father for ‘the eyes of our spirit man to be enlightened’ is scriptural and a wise thing to do.
  • Jesus will show things about Himself, His power and His plans for you that will keep you in awe.
  • Spiritual wisdom is also imparted through this kind of prayers.
  • What you cannot do by strength will be easily done by the Spirit.
  • What Moses couldn’t do at 40years he did between 80-120years because of divine insight!
  • We can pray these prayers for our spiritually blind loved ones in order to see them flourish.


God is willing to reveal Jesus in a living way to us if we are open minded and hearted, receptive and obedient.

Sometimes it is the cares of this life and the ‘little’ sins that creep in and get between us and God. (Song of Sol. 2:15; Isa. 59:2)

If you have missed God don’t be proud to retrace your steps.

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