1. Departmental Prayer meeting every Sunday Morning before the Worker’s Meeting.
2. Department Virgil every Last Friday of the month.
3. Prayer meeting every 2ND and Last Sunday of the Month for one hour, which gives every member of the department the chance to lead in prayers.
4. Training of the new members (coming in through Workers-in-Training) of the department and visitation to non functioning members of the department every Saturday.
5. Members of Engineering department makes sure that the Church equipment are intact and also look toward training more members (coming in through Workers-in-Training) who are willing to join the department to reduce the labour and also make them able to do their personal electrical and engineering work at their respective home.
6. Changing of bulbs and repairing the damage once both within and outside the Church every two weeks, depending on the stock on ground.
7. We also look at the physical and Spiritual Well being of the members of the department by holding our annual treat once in a year.
8. In Engineering Department we don’t condole Immoral Conduct or Act, DISCIPLINE is what we are known for.


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